My nurse from Healthcare Partners at Home always demonstrated respect for my concerns. She spent the time necessary to explain my treatments and medications to me. I felt comfortable asking her any questions and I didn’t feel like a number, as I generally have with medical professionals my whole life. What began as such a challenging time for me health-wise was made far less so, something for which I’ll always be grateful.

Irene W, Downers Grove, IL

My nurse and doctor communicate frequently, something that my doctor says improves his ability to treat my diabetes. Their communication also provides me with a sense of security as I know that even though I don’t see my doctor weekly, he is always up to date on my health. It’s a great feeling.

Shelia R, Chicago, IL

I never thought I would be able to walk pain free again. It was difficult for me to accept that I needed help to do something that my 3 year old grandchild could do with ease. Healthcare Partners at Home provided me with a wonderful physical therapist. He was knowledgeable, patient and provided me with the motivation and education about my condition that I needed. As a result, I could put in the work required to get better. Today, I can walk long distances virtually pain free. Thank you!

Martin L, Chicago, IL